iBioChips is a spin-off company from Houston Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical complex and home of 21 renowned hospital, 10 academic institutions, and three medical schools. Our technological innovations are truly based on clinical needs and will revolutionize molecular and cellular diagnosis and assays. 


Handle the silicone chip with care. 


Place MA-Chip on a commonly used Petri dish. 


Add a cylindrical cap with through-hole on the top of central well. 


Aliquot a 100-μL multiple-cell suspension into 100 1-μL single-cell suspension by pipette equipped with 100-1000 μL tip.  


Identify wells only containing a single cell under microscope by ×10 objective. 


Retrieve a single cell as a 1-μL suspension by pipette equipped with 0.1-2.5 μL tip.