Automated Dissection Chip

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  • High-throughput replicative lifespan assay
  • Genetic screening for longevity
  • Proteomic screening for protein turnover and relocalization
  • Nutrient sensing and signaling pathways
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  • Capable of trapping over 10,000 single yeast cells
  • Tracks whole lifespan of over 10,000 yeast cells for 20 different strains in 3 days of culturing
  • Daughter are automatically separated from their mothers to reduce labor and time cost
  • Customization for trap dimension and substrate are available


  • Time effective: analysis only takes 3 days
  • Reduces labor: automated tracking of entire lifespan
  • High-throughput: processes over 10,000 single-cells for 20 different strains
  • Imaging capability: high resolution fluorescent imaging


  • Continuous live cell imaging of budding yeasts throughout their entire lifespans
  • Compatible with high resolution fluorescent imaging microscopes for single-cell tracking
  • Continuous supply of fresh media minimizing variations introduced by environment
  • Consistent results with conventional microdissection approach


  • Material: Biocompatible polymer
  • Packaging: 4pk/Cs, individually packed
  • Size of Device: 75 mm (length), 25 mm (width), 4 mm (height)
  • Substrate: #1 glass coverslip (0.13-0.16 mm thickness)
  • Number of Trap: Total 18,000 traps (900 traps x 20 separate channels)
  • Number of Inlet: 20 media & cells inlets