Loft Plate

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  • Kinetic bacterial endotoxin test
  • Low volume sample storage
  • High-sensitive chromatic immunoassay
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  • Significantly lower cost per test with improved accuracy
  • Eliminate evaporation during assay
  • Prevent environmental contamination by dual optical windows
  • Reduce assay volume and save reagent cost


  • Save 85% LAL and endotoxin reagent consumption
  • Skim air bubbles
  • Improve readout accuracy by a fixed optical path
  • Assist mixing by centrifugation
  • Eliminate evaporation and environmental contamination by dual optical windows


  • After sample and reagent loading, the analysate fills detection well by centrifugation
  • Plate reader performs kinetic measurement of endotoxin level
  • Meet USP. EP. and JP. standards
  • Compatible with existing endotoxin test system
  • Centrifuge and plate reader are available


  • Material: Polystyrene (medical grade)
  • Sterilization: Sterile
  • Packaging: 10pk/Cs, individually packed
  • Size of Device: Standard well plate form factor
  • Number of Well: 96 wells
  • Reagent Consumption: 15 µL/test
  • Sample Consumption: 15 µL/test
  • Detection volume: 30: µL/test