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  • Single cell cloning
  • Target cell isolation
  • CRISPR cell line development
  • Single cell PCR & Sequencing
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  • Convenient, rapid, selective, and damage-free isolation of single cells
  • Simplifies single-cell isolation used for genetic and clonal analysis
  • Compatible with any cell size (≤ 80 µm) and have low or high density


  • Uniformly distribute bulk-cell suspension into 32 outlet wells
  • A single target cell can be isolated from millions using tandem operation
  • Cell retrieval ratio is close to 100%
  • Compatible with various cell sizes and types


  • Material: Polystyrene (medical grade)
  • Sterilization: Sterile
  • Packaging: 10pk/Cs, individually packed
  • Size of Device: Standard well plate form factor
  • Number of Well: 96 wells (32 outlet wells x 3 inlet ports)
  • Size of Well: 2 mm (diameter), 2 mm (height)
  • Working Volume: 3-6 µL per outlet well / 100-200 µL per inlet port
  • Bottom Coating of Well: Tissue culture treated
  • Cell size: ≤ 80 µm
  • # of Single Cells Can Be Isolated: ~ 30 single cells per plate